PTK-2026 Associated/TLR デフ スラストベアリング セット (セラミック)

定価: ¥1,080(税込)
価格: ¥900 (税込 ¥972) 10%OFF
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メーカー: ProTek R/C
型番: PTK-2026
JANコード: 707470752162
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ProTek R/C | EPパーツ製品

Advantages of Ceramic:
・ High Speed: Ceramic differential balls can reach a resistance level of 1,200,000dN with grease lubrication, due to reduced slip, wear extent and heat productivity.
・ Lightweight: The weight of ceramics is 60% lighter than steel, which decreases the centrifugal force and overall weight.
・ Long Service Life: The service life of ceramic balls is 3 to 5 times longer than that of steel in comparable working conditions.
・ Self Lubricating: Even when poorly lubricated or with no lubrication, ceramic differential balls will continue to function longer than steel under the same level of stress due to their self lubricating properties.
・ Corrosion Resistance: Ceramic differential balls have excellent corrosion resistance, and will continue to function while corroded.
・ High Rigidity: The elastic ration of ceramics is 1.5 times greater than that of steel, this dramatically increases the rigidity of the balls.
・ Low Friction: Ceramic materials have a low friction force. Even under the conditions of boundary lubrication, the surfaces are extremely smooth, so its friction force is low and the rotational friction moment is low.
・ Wear Resistant: The micro-hardness of ceramics can reach a Vickers Hardness level of HV1700 kg/mm2, which dramatically increases the wear-resistance.


型番: PTK-2026
JANコード: 707470752162
メーカー: ProTek R/C

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